With the ink barely dry on his new Panthers contract, fan favourite Adam ‘Adzy’ Tangata was helping spread the word for his new sponsor – Cashfax.

The Cook Islander, for whom Halifax is an adopted home, was only too pleased to reunite with team-mate Jacob Fairbank to help congratulate Cashfax Platinum Member Mark Kosanovic on his West Vale Fisheries’ £100 win in last week’s draw.

“This was a great way to both thank Cashfax for sponsoring me this season and congratulate Mark on his win. My only regret was not been able to sample his fish & chips as we were on our way to training, because Jacob tells me they are very good and he’s an expert!” joked Adam, “but it’s only a matter of time!”

Mark, who became a Platinum Member six months ago, had always pledged any winnings would be shared among his staff. “It was my pleasure to support the Panthers through Cashfax, and this win is a bonus.”

“I have some fantastic, hard working staff who have helped us to attain the quality we achieve and win the awards we have, so it’s great that they have benefited from this too. As far as I can see everyone is a winner here.”