Q- What is the Halifax Panthers/NYCDA Weekly Draw?

A- The Halifax Panthers/NYCDA Weekly Draw was established to raise funds for the Clubs player and community development initiatives.

Q- How old do I need to be to play?

A- Players must be at least 18 years of age to play.

Q- Can you guarantee the Lottery is fair?

A- Yes, every £1 has an equal chance of winning, and the winning numbers are drawn at random from the NYCDA computerized system.

Q- What can I win?

A- There are many cash prizes up for grabs each week, including a guaranteed weekly jackpot prize of £1,000 and a rollover that goes up by £500 a week, to a maximum of £10,000. In addition, there are other non cash prizes including meals and events tickets.

Q- How much does it cost to play the Halifax Panthers/ NYCDA Weekly Draw?

A- It costs £1 per single membership.

Q- Can I choose my own Lottery numbers?

A-No. These are chosen randomly and will be your numbers for the duration of your membership of our lottery. When you enter the lottery, you will be sent your unique numbers.

Q- Can I have more than one entry?

A- Due to our commitment to responsible gambling, you can have up to 2 entries per draw. Each £1 entry buys you 7 chances of winning our lottery. 

Q- How will I know if I have won a prize?

A- All winners are notified, either by post if you pay by standing order or direct debit, or by their agent if they have their membership collected. Results are published weekly and you can view them on www.nycda.co.uk or www.cashfaxpartnership.co.uk.

Q-What is the legal framework by which the draw is operated?

A- The Halifax Panthers/NYCDA Weekly Draw adheres to the Gambling Act 2005. The Lottery is operated as part of the National Youth & Community Development Association family and its NYCDA Weekly Draw. This is licensed by the Gambling Commission under license number 000-005-166-006 and all associated regulatory returns are carried out accordingly.

Q- Where can I find out more information about the NYCDA Weekly Draw?

A- If you wish to find out more information about the NYCDA Weekly Draw, including its Annual Impact Report, focusing on where proceeds from the draw go, how to self exclude, attitudes to responsible gambling, chances of winning and much more, please visit www.nycdaweeklydraw.co.uk

Q- What do I do if I want to exclude myself from the Lottery?

A- Just let us know by ringing 01422 342792 and we will take the necessary steps to stop your membership.

Q- Who do I contact if I want any further information?

A-for any further questions, ring the Lottery Team on 01422 342792 or email us at richardwatmough@halifaxrlfc.co.uk .