Halifax RLFC would like to thank all members of the Clubs Cashfax Lottery, particularly during these extraordinary times.

We are happy to confirm that we will still be holding our weekly draws and will try to continue with our normal service as much as we can.

Unfortunately, we have had to temporarily suspend our meal and experience prizes until the businesses that sponsor them are back up and running. As soon as they are, we will start them up again.

Our door to door collectors have been advised on maintaining strict health and safety guidelines, and many of them are happy to keep on collecting from you. If you would prefer them not to call, then please give me a ring on the number below and we will let them know.

Alternatively, you could give your collector extra weeks subscriptions so as to reduce the number of times they have to call. You could also pay your subscriptions over the phone by again, ringing the number below.

Once again, thanks for your continued support and please get in touch with any questions you may have.



07960 457652