Dear Cashfax Members

Just to keep you all informed of the current situation regarding the latest national lockdown and the impact it has on us at the Cashfax Lottery. We are happy to say that unlike previous lockdowns, we are able to continue as normal this time round, so its business as usual.

If you pay your subscriptions by standing order or direct debit, then nothing changes and payments will remain in place. If you are a cash player who is collected from by one of our door to door agents, then the latest Government guidance quite clearly says, that if you are either a voluntary or charitable collector and our Lottery Agents are covered on both counts, then they can continue to collect as normal.

If any of our members would feel uncomfortable with a collector coming to collect from them throughout the lockdown, then please give me a ring on 07960 457652 and I will either suspend your collections or if you prefer, sign you up to paying by direct debit through your bank so a collector doesn’t need to call.

It goes without saying, that we at Halifax Panthers RLFC are grateful to all our members for their continued support throughout this difficult time and helping us get a competitive team out there on a Sunday and also helping us to continue with our other community activities.

Keep safe and good luck.