Halifax Panthers/NYCDA Weekly Draw

Week 41 Lottery Winners
Weekly Rollover of up to £10,000
Winner of £3500
No winner this week. Next weeks prize is £4,000
Thank you for your support.

Weekly Winners

09/03/2022 £1000 LK4811 Mr M Dean
£100 LJ2476 Mr P Watson
£50 LL2294 D Senior
£50 GP5911 Mr T Ley
£25 NB1528 Mrs I Brikett
£25 RB6484 I Marshall
£10 HK5861 M Hellowell
£10 NA0100 Mrs N Evans
£10 NB1445 Mrs M Bates
£10 NJ0836 M Ashman
£10 HA6347 Mrs K Pidd
£10 NE4431 Mr L Bowen
£10 LK4773 S Hutchinson
£10 LJ1595 P Sayer
£10 NB4726 Mrs L Denton
£10 BA5908 Mr & Mrs Dunning
£3500 No winner this week Next prize is $4000

All winners will be notified. Halifax Panthers are a partner of NYCDA and beneficiary of the NYCDA Weekly Draw. Gambling commission account number 5166. Responsible person: Mr M Brocklehurst. For more info visit www.cashfaxpartnership.co.uk or ring 01422 342792.

Cashfax Extra

£10 HK1222 L Tomlinson
£10 HL4215 Mr P.G Mitchell
£10 HJ3713 M Crabtree
£10 HK2245 J Sharp
£10 HN2313 Mr S Edelstein
£10 HK2921 E Fryer
£10 HK0724 M.A Wilson
£10 HM3215 S Robertshaw
£10 HJ3343 L Bradshaw
£10 HN0114 Mr T O'Neil

Meal for 2 at The Ivy House HJ2924- M Arthur
Meal for 2 at McDonalds HK4121-Mr S Livesey
Bowling for 2 at Electric Bowl HJ0521-S Simpson
£20 voucher for The Queens Head, Queensbury HK1444- T Loughrey
Afternoon Tea for two at Upstairs @ Harveys HK0833-A&J Vickers
2 cinema tickets for Vue, Halifax HM4734- Mr C Murgatroyd